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What makes us different

Here at Ogilvy in London we have 1,800 talented people, joined together by Ogilvy DNA.

Our belief in putting behaviour first means we focus on outcomes. We do this at scale across 10 different disciplines, so we have deep specialisms and all under one roof. We also all run to a digital heart beat, with specialists at every point along the customer journey including SEO.

What makes us different?

We act as a community of experts, working as single blended teams, seamlessly to solve our clients challenges, to change behaviour, creating value for our clients. So in one place you have access to a team of people, tailored to your business that could be made up of the best content generators, digital thinkers, social creators, creatives of all disciplines, strategists that can conquer anything from behaviour change problems, to brand re-launches, to government communications, healthcare specialists,  branding experts, the best data gurus and PR geniuses to UX creators.

In case that sounds impractical, it’s not. It’s because we share an operating system and approach called Fusion, allowing us to harness the power of all, behind a single business plan with a clear business objective.

And we can work with you across the globe – we have 538 offices, over a third in the BRIC countries, so we are ready to help you expand wherever you need or want to. Find out more about our network here

Our Agencies

Our agencies are all best in class specialists that share the Ogilvy DNA. They work together everyday – the majority of our clients use at least 2 parts of Ogilvy.

Our Culture

Ogilvy people, who drive the value we create for our clients, embody our agency values of Curiosity, Courage and Generosity. Helping us foster our pioneering spirit that inspires our teams, our work and our approach.

Our People

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Annette King

Chief Executive Officer
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Nina Jasinski

Chief Marketing Officer
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Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman
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Michael Frohlich

Chief Executive Officer EMEA

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