Our brilliant specialists work for clients in every discipline and sometimes on their own clients.


#ogilvychange is a specialist behavioural science practice. We research and apply the latest thinking in cognitive psychology, social psychology and behavioural economics to create behavioural change in the real world.

Our work has been as small as changing the copy on emails and the shape of buttons on websites. It has also scaled up to involve psychologically optimising call centres, creating a behavioural nutrition TV programme in Mexico, and creating interventions to increase hand washing among employees.

We work with leading professors from the London School of Economics and Warwick University.

A dedicated #ogilvychange resource works in partnership with agency and client teams to educate, stimulate and experiment with new and interesting ways to ‘nudge’ people to make better decisions in their daily lives.

Key Contact: Rory Sutherland – rory.sutherland@ogilvy.com



Social@Ogilvy is a global social media marketing unit using word of mouth and digital marketing to deliver measurable results.

We have specific technologies and methodologies for identifying and engaging influencers and activating networks of people to share and recommend products, services and issues.

We create engaging experiences designed to promote awareness, brand loyalty, advocacy and conversion.

Key Contact: Marshall Manson – marshall.manson@ogilvy.com


Ogilvy Labs

Our ‘Laboratory’ spaces contain cutting-edge technology to help clients develop innovative digital marketing solutions. As well as the physical spaces, the Labs provide a window to the world of new technology and digital communications. We offer real-life and real-time demonstrations to show that anything is possible. We organise a series of client Lab events and previous semesters of learning have included: storytelling, data and the Internet of Things.

Key Contact: Nicole Yershon – Nicole.yershon@ogilvy.com


Ogilvy Pride

Shifts in social attitudes and the considerable spending power of LGBT people provides huge opportunity for brands. Showing support for issues of human rights positions a brand as progressive and puts people at the heart of a campaign.

In order for a global brand campaign to be truly strategic in its communications consideration of minority consumer audiences, such as LGBT, is now key.

Ogilvy Pride brings the specialist expertise of LGBT marketing and insights with the scalability and best-in-class communications practices of Ogilvy & Mather Group. We create marketing campaigns with an aim to build strong brands that include, embrace
 and celebrate LGBT people globally.

Key contact: Andrew Barrett – Andrew.barratt@ogilvy.com


Ogilvy Earth

OgilvyEarth bridges the gap between traditional CSR and brand marketing, to build trust and add value to brands.

We work in an integrated way, bringing purpose and sustainability expertise to Ogilvy’s 360 ̊ offering. We believe sustainability and purpose offer real opportunities for Ogilvy clients to build brand resilience, create deeper relationships with their audiences and achieve long-term growth.

Clients include: Volvo, InterContinental Hotel Group, Unilever, Tetra Pak and Nescafé.

Key Contact: Carrina Gaffney – carina.gaffney@ogilvy.com


Ogilvy Red

We specialise in tackling your thorniest brand and marketing problems, and pride ourselves in being agents of growth, innovation and change.

OgilvyRED is a diverse team of senior consultants, strategic planners, and specialty strategists. We draw upon experts from a wide variety of fields through the worldwide Ogilvy and WPP networks: technology, media, data partners and best-in-class research providers. OgilvyRED also works with world class industry innovators and academic think tanks to inform our strategies.

Our expertise is deep, wide and constantly growing. We don’t stovepipe or pigeonhole; we are inclusive thinkers who bring the best of each practice to bear on your challenges.

Key Contact: Ann Higgins – ann.higgins@ogilvy.com


Ogilvy Noor

Ogilvy Noor is the world’s first bespoke global Islamic branding and marketing consultancy. Created to help clients get the most from a market estimated to be worth at least two trillion dollars annually!

Ogilvy Noor operates via a number of hubs (including the UK) and aims to build strong brands that genuinely empathise with and appeal to Muslim consumers across the globe today.

Key Contact: Shelina Janmohamed – shelina.janohamed@ogilvy.com