In the past year, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has become a much-discussed issue among certain audiences within the UK.

However, many people simply didn’t find this a relevant issue; it was something that happened to girls living far away in Africa. We needed to get a far wider UK audience to actually care about FGM and ultimately support the charity.

It became apparent that in order to deliver the results that 28 Too Many needed, we would have to develop a hugely hard-hitting campaign. People needed to sit up and take notice. We created the line ‘It Happens Here’ to accompany an extremely shocking visual; bloodied and mutilated European flags to represent a case of FGM; all in the UK and European countries where the practice still takes place.

The tiny charity budget was no barrier to success. Around the world, primetime news channels shared the campaign. Midwives used the images in education. Magazines published articles about FGM based on our campaign.

The campaign received accolades from all major international award shows including 13 Golds, 14 Silvers and the Grand Prix award from the Clios, Cannes Lions, London International and Eurobest.