How do you deliver a number of hard-hitting rational DRTV product messages, whilst also creating an emotional brand connection?

Previous British Gas Direct Response TV had been very effective in delivering trust and reassurance through the British Gas Engineers. The DRTV was simple, direct, and informative. Consumers had a good recall of the offers, clearly understood what we did, and how we could help them.

But, we still had an issue with memorability and brand connection.

So how could we give the DRTV more stand-out and build upon the success of the emotive brand awareness advertising?

The answer was Wilbur the Explorer Penguin.

By putting Wilbur at the heart of the our new DRTV, we have been able to combine the CGI penguin from the new ATL brand campaign, with direct hard-selling scripts that brings a new warmth to selling boilers and boiler cover.

In addition to our DRTV work, stories from real apprentices are a great way to show how British Gas helps build Britain's skills. To make these stories more watchable and shareable, and continue to nurture those brand connections, we brought them to life with animations, created in partnership with Aardman.

Children are at the heart of British Gas' Generation Green work in schools, so we decided to put them at the heart of our content too. This interview of Perry and Jordan from Diversity was one of the most watched and shared pieces content we've made for British Gas so far.