The last decade has seen the rise of low-cost carriers and an ensuing price-war among travel retailers.

The result was a breed of increasingly promiscuous travel consumers that regard travel retailers as mutually interchangeable.

We needed to reposition Expedia as a brand that consumers go to by choice rather than by chance. We realigned the brand with the fundamental reasons that people travel. That it drives personal progress.

The result was a pan-European integrated campaign to launch this new brand platform. We focused our idea on the power of travel to make you a more interesting person. The ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’ campaign launched in TV, print, outdoor, digital display and radio.

Later, we launched a social media campaign that targeted boring Twitter messages. We have since launched a second tranche of communications, which has included YouTube Interventions.

The campaign has attracted ROMI of 1:11, there has been an increase in Gross Bookings Value by 33% and YOY customer base growth by 30.3%.

The campaign has won accolades across all major awards ceremonies. Notably, the campaign won a Creative Effectiveness Lion at the 2014 Cannes Festival.